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    The Vitamin G extruder.


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    The Vitamin G extruder. Empty The Vitamin G extruder.

    Post by Admin on Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:53 pm

    It's hard for water to get through a tiny nozzle orifice by gravity alone- so why would plastic ooze?
    Backpressure - residual compression stored by the filament is the culprit.
    Backpressure comes from trying to feed filament through the nozzle at a rate greater than it can allow.
    If the backpressure gets too high, the stepper motor will skip or, if it has the power, grind the filament.

    With fine resolution Vitamin G extruder will put down just the right amount of extrudate for the distance traveled every step of the way.  Backpressure buh-bye.

    The Vitamin G extruder. TgPqP8j

    The Vitamin G extruder. Gr22juc

    The Vitamin G extruder. 1seAthA

    The Vitamin G extruder. Lijf9Ne

    The high resolution extrusion is achieved with a precision planetary gear system with @ 50:1 ratio.

    The Vitamin G extruder is designed to mount atop a Spoolie box to prevent exposure of the filament to ambient dust and humidity.

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