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    The Vitamin G high resolution extruder


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    The Vitamin G high resolution extruder

    Post by Admin on Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:26 am

    It's hard for water to get through a tiny nozzle orifice by gravity alone- so why would plastic ooze?  Backpressure - residual compression stored by the filament is the culprit.
    Strings are dealt with by retraction, which relieves the backpressure but does not address the source of it.
    Globs are another manifestation of backpressure.

    Backpressure comes from trying to feed filament through the nozzle at a rate greater than it can allow. If the backpressure gets too high, the stepper motor will skip or, if it has the power, grind the filament.

    Vitamin G high resolution extruder delivers a measured amount of extrudate properly matched to the linear travel, step for step.

    Put one to work and take it for granted.

    NEMA17 stepper  99.05:1 gearhead

    Adjustable pressure for soft filament like wax or hard plastics like polycarbonate or POM.

    Drive wheel @ 0.4325 effective diameter

    Anodized aluminum construction

    P.S. The chart shows that the @ 3 to 1 advantage gained by using 1.75mm filament rather than 3mm filament is trivial and inconsequential. 100 to 1 is required to get the job done.
    Being that 3mm is also nicer for bowden systems, it seems the tables have turned and advantage goes to the 3mm filament.

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