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    GARCAD Rotary Axis specifications



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    GARCAD Rotary Axis specifications

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:20 am

    <br />GARCAD Rotary Axis specs:

    400 step/rev nema 17 stepper with 9:1 reduction (and backlash adjustment)
    resolution:  10 full steps per degree of rotation (makes code checking easy - 3600 steps / rotation)
    rigid mandrel coupler, 0.25: ID  (1/4 inch SS mandrel included)
    tailstock for printing between centers is adjustable or removable for vertical use
    printable work: 2.25" radius * 9" long

    There is no slicer available at the present time for printing on a rotary axis.
    Don't let that stop you!

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