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    How does it work?


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    How does it work? Empty How does it work?

    Post by Admin on Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:07 am

    The GARCAD digital laser produces fixed pulses.  There is no analog intensity variation.
    Halftones are achieved by the density of the burnt dots.
    With this scheme you can achieve any arbitrary color depth you wish- at the expense of enlarging the image size.
    The software allows for square pixels, so the humber of shades must be the square of an integer, i.e., 4 shades, 9 shades, 16 shades, 25, 36, 49, 64, 256...
    2 shades will be monochrome.  To render an image in 4 shades the resultant image will be twice the size. With 9 shades it will be 3 times original size; with 16 shades, 4 times, etc...

    This is a monochrome bitmap showing the pattern of dots that create a palette of 64 shades.
    How does it work? A0d6TG7

    This is a test grid showing 64 true and distinct shades.  (shade 0 is no burn)
    How does it work? GLVEouX
    there is some imperfect rendering due to the nature of the wood substrate

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